What is Hypnotherapy?

I use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in my sessions. Hypnotherapy uses trance which allows you to make positive and motivational changes in your life. Trance is very normal and everyone can do it. You are simply relaxed to a state that lets you access the part of your brain which helps you make healthy choices and decisions for the most positive outcome.

What Hypnotherapy isnt

Hypnotherapy does not make you do anything that you do not wish to or that would harm you in any way. It cannot make you "cluck like a chicken" for example. You would only do this as your conscious and intelligent mind working with your primitive mind does not perceive you to be in any danger.  In this way hypnotherapy cannot harm you.

How will i feel during a session?

Hypnotherapy induces a relaxed and trance like state which means you are completely relaxed and calm yet still fully aware of what is going on around you. This trance state is something that happens to us all the time in our daily lives. Do you recall a time you drove from one location to another but dont remember the journey? Or perhaps you have painted a fence and can recall starting but not the time during and suddenly find you have completed the task? This is because you were in a trance like state during that time.

During hypnotherapy it is also not possible for the hypnotherapist to make you do anything you do not wish to do. For example you cannot be made to cluck like a chicken or be given a suggestion that will harm you or conflict with your own values.


The main thing to remember is that you can at any time come out of trance should you wish to do so

What to expect from me 

You can expect a warm welcome and a professional attitude from me. 

I offer an initial consulatation and this is free of charge (these can take up to an hour).

During the initial consulation i will take some information from you and this will help me to provide the right  kind of hypnotherapy sessions that are best suited to you as an individual. I will also explain how hypnotherapy works and how it will help you.

After the consultation we can then agree a plan that is right for you and i will also provide you with a complimentary CD for use in between your sessions.

All other sessions last for up to an hour and will start with a review of whats been good since our last session followed by some personal growth work and then our hypnotherapy and relaxation. 

How many sessions of hypnotherapy will i need?

It can be hard to specify an exact number of sessions that you may require however the following are an example of the average number, covering some of the areas i work with. These may vary on an individual basis:

Depression/Anxiety/Anger: 12 sessions

Phobias: 3/4 sessions 

Stop Smoking:  1 session

IBS: 10/12 sessions

Weight Management: 12/15 sessions

OCD: 12/15 sessions